Dr. Susan Landes, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Auburn, and Davis California
The Auburn Davis Center for DBT is primarily focused on providing therapy to young adults and teens between the ages of 12 ad 35

What substance abuse may look like in your life is an uncontrollable need for drugs, which includes alcohol, even in the face of negative outcomes.

Traditional Psychotherapy is a process primarily focused on helping someone heal from hurts and learn better ways to deal with the challenges that.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was initially developed  to help clients that were suicidal or intentionally self-injuring.

I help clinicians work through the challenges of transference, learning how to work with negative transference and difficult counter-transference experiences.

The most beautiful and unique shells are gathered from dangerous beaches during storms and hard to reach places. Before gathered, they are a security, a protection,…a home against incredible odds. Who you are today and what you have experienced may be similar to the life of a shell. And as shells are gifts from the ocean that come in various shapes and forms, I want to help you explore the unique gift that you are in your unique form. While we may not have caused all of our problems, we are the only ones capable and responsible for addressing them…

“Are you unable to reach your goals? Do you feel there are some obstacles in the way of your success? I have been in private practice for 25 years helping people to understand and overcome challenges resulting from family of origin issues, life’s traumas, and repetitive thinking patterns that interfere with their goals”…