Image of John Sanders LMFT

I entered the field of Psychology after many years as a working artist. First exploring Hypnosis as a client, the doors of perception opened and I was drawn to become a Licensed Hypnotherapist. Working at hypnotic depth, opened me up to the potentials of body, mind, and spirit. Becoming a student of Psychology at CIIS, provided the much-needed rigors of academic discipline while encouraging my exploration of Humanistic, Transcendental, and Psycho-Spiritual realities. Grounding in the Transformative Arts has provided a beautiful foundation in which to practice Psychotherapy. Together I’ve been able to build a clinical practice with artists, writers, teachers, healers. Recovery is an ongoing process and very relevant, not only to individuals and families but to business and inspired entrepreneurship within our global community.

After completing four, one-year training placements and a two-year,pre-doc internship at the San Fransisco Psychotherapy Research Group, I mentored under Dr. Ron Perry PsyD, as a registered psychological assistant and individual therapist in private practice.  Today I serve as an Intake Counselor at the Auburn-Davis DBT Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Susan Landes, LMFT, and her amazing team.